Add-on software to SAP® ERP

OR Soft is a provider of an APS Tool, a complementary software Add-on to SAP ERP. Our software, Manufacturing Workbench, offers a wide range of additional functions which are required and preferred by supply chain managers and production schedulers in a variety of industries.

OR Soft has vast experience providing solutions to the Food and Beverage industries. Based on this experience and more than 20 years of developing software solutions for planning and scheduling, OR Soft has created multiple preconfigured product packages for Food and Beverages industries incorporating the standard planning and scheduling functionality of Manufacturing Workbench with industry specific features such as:

These additional features to SAP ERP are run on the basis of the existing data and information in the SAP system environment. It is not necessary to build up master data and create interfaces for dynamic data. Manufacturing Workbench provides tangible benefits that can be seen shortly after implementation and include improved delivery reliability, decreased quality-based loss and reduced transition times.

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